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About the Founder


I'm Margarita 

Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida with over 10 years experience in the Mental Health and Social Services fields.

Throughout my years of service, I have developed one main vision for all of my clients, Progress.

Yes ! I believe that as long as someone is making progress they are on their way to a healthier mental health and improved well-being. This is my main goal with everyone I work with and I truly believe progress is always possible. I also believe several other components make treatment successful: Awareness, Insight,

a Willingness to change or make adjustments and Perseverance


I set high expectations for my clients because I believe everyone has the ability to do better and take control of those mental barriers that often keep us from success.

If someone is open to becoming

Aware of self and their environment

Commits to never giving up (regardless of how slow progress might be) and to doing 

The Work


Improvements will be evident.

I would Love to work with you and be part of your Journey to a new and improved You. 

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